About Us

Kymera Holsters is a branch of Adams Holsters specializing in premium Kydex Holsters and accessories. All of the Holsters are proudly made in house at Adams Holsters.

Originally I had always planned to build some kydex holsters and gear however leather keeps me busy with a long lead time. So a couple years ago I started thinking and planning how to release a line of holsters and accessories from a new venture within Adams Holsters. I'd do the design and engineering along with producing the actual holsters themselves. In the future I do plan to add some people to the shop using my tools to more quickly produce the holsters. I've had allot of people over the years call me a bit of a mad scientist in how I approach things, I just start building and doing and this endeavor has fit within that. I made all my own tooling(and still am), along with allot of the equipment used to actually make the holsters. So on one side of my shop I've been 3d modeling within CAD software, and making the tooling as well as the kydex gear. And on the other side of my shop I'm doing some 100+ year old techniques mixed with some modern technology also. There are times where I'm laser cutting a wallet with a fully digital pattern, and then turning around to stitch it on a 100+ year old Singer treadle sewing machine. I've always had a diverse mixture of interest in materials and building things. For me kydex is just another material much like leather. It requires a design that works to it's strengths and takes into account it's weakness's as well. So you will see some rather interesting designs going forward as I'm not constrained by what tooling is currently available on the market, I can build virtually anything within reason to make a holster exactly how I'd like it to function.

The goal for lead time and production is to keep it as low as possible, but being a small shop and just getting started it will vary according to demand. But I have designed the whole process to be quick and efficient while making a top quality kydex holster.

Also those not familiar with my leather work, feel free to browse my website www.adamsholsters.com and if something tickles you're fancy feel free to send me an email over there or order a holster.

Any questions at all feel free to email contact@kymeraholsters.com, use the contact form below, or call us at (715) 256-7170

Something else I wanted to quickly mention. Kymera Holsters as a name is new, but the shop and myself are known around the internet and have a reputation for customer service and quality products. That part of the business will not change, so please feel free to research my leather shop if you're at all concerned about supporting this new business of mine.

Thanks again!

Luke Adams

Credit: I wanted to make a point to give credit to some of the makers who've influenced my work or given me advice or ideas surrounding the concepts of kydex Holsters. I will be adding to this list over time and as they present themselves. I'm sure there are others but some have gone out of business over the years, or stopped making gear, these I'll keep as active benders etc. Also note that despite being kydex my holsters are influenced in allot of ways by leather workers and feel free to view my list in the about section of www.AdamsHolsters.com for more of those.