The Sweep Inside the Waistband(IWB) is designed to be carried strong side on the hip between 3-5 o'clock. I see this design as a simple no bulk inside the waistband holster along the lines of a kydex version of the leather Summer Special series of holsters from other makers.  The clip allows for easy removal from the belt and easy installation though it's also compatible with my soft loop options as they become available. 

The Sweep name comes from two things, one the shape of the left side of the holster as it sweeps from the muzzle to the trigger guard. And also the sweep necessary to clear a cover garment when carrying strong side IWB on the hip.

A quick note on 1911's and kydex holsters. 1911's do vary a fair bit in dimension from different companies, my current line of 1911 holsters are designed to fit most 1911's out there however I'm sure there are some that are out of spec with my molds. If you've got a particular 1911 and want me to see if I can fit it just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to do my best to make sure it fits properly for you. I have done some testing with all of my 1911's and had luck with them fitting despite being all over the map spec wise, and I've even had some luck with the Sig Sauer 1911's with the Sig cut slide off of these molds. But as always feel free to contact me with any questions I'm happy to help. 

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Sweep IWB Holster

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